Flightnetwork.com Website Review & Ratings + Flight Network Coupons
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Flightnetwork.com Website Review & Ratings + Flight Network Coupons

Flight Network: Products & Services

It is time to schedule a flight.  Regardless of the purpose, travelers want the best deal possible with the least fuss.  Flight Network is a good place to schedule your flight, especially if you live in Canada.  Flight Network is one of Canada's leading discount airline companies.  Flights are scheduled to a number of well traveled destinations the world over.  Flights can be round trip or simply one way.  Options include non-stop when available.  Flight Network uses airline consolidator and bulk ticket companies to provide lower prices.  Because of this, changes to a schedule are difficult and virtually impossible for international flights.  The company provides a price guarantee that if the cost of the seats it sells decline after you purchase your ticket, they will refund the customer the difference in price.  All prices listed on the site initially are in Canadian dollars.  The company is located on the outskirts of the Toronto airport.  Flight Network books many flights in the United States from one destination to another.  The company also can locate special prices on tours, cruises, vacations and rental cars with consultation from customer service.  Flight Network happily compares its prices to other travel companies.  Customers can also purchase flight and trip insurance through a plan with the Royal Bank of Canada.

Flight Network: Company Background

This company was started online in 2005.  Their office is near the Toronto airport.  The company was an out growth of a tourist business conduction by the owner, Naman Budhdeo.  The company has grown to over 150 employees and has become within a few years the second most popular online travel company in Canada.  The company is now branching out in establishing a presence in other countries besides Canada.

Flight Network: Customer Feedback & Reviews

Trustpilot rates Flight Nework 9.4 out of 10 from 38 reviews.  Here are some comments by these customers:

  • My experience was very pleasant, to the point that I could not believe it.  The representative listed very carefully to my needs and matched it with 3 different packages, I can choose from, she also went through them one by one to narrow my choices. I will never find a better help.
  • I recently booked flights overseas for myself and my family. My regular travel agent was quoting me nearly $200 more per person for the same flights and when I checked online, the cheapest that I could find was approx. $120 more than FLightnetwork.com. I went with Flightnetwork and was extremely happy to get the lower price. I had no problems. Good site!  (rated 4 out of 5, lowest rated review).

Other sites mention the ease and choices offered on the site under general reviews.  One such example from the Canadian newswire which can be reached here.  Overall, comments are very positive about this company.

Flight Network: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The owner of Flight Network, Naman Badhdeo, was a runner up to the 2009 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award.  In 2010, 2011 and 2012, Profit magazine named the company one of the fastest growing businesses in Canada.  The company is has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of Canada since 2006 and it is rated A+.  Their BBB page can be reached here. Flight Network is also featured in many travel industry blogs and magazines.

Flight Network: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

Alexa shows that the company is ranked about 653 out of all the network sites in Canada.  This is a high usage rate.  The company's website claims that half the people in Canada visit the website every year.  About 60% of their visitors come from Canada.  The United States is next with 11%, followed by India and the United Kingdom.  Users equally access the site between home and work, and tend to be more female than male by a small margin.  Compete shows this website as having an average of 146,000 visits per day.  In the listings Compete provides for the industry, Flight Network is shown second behind Kayak.com.  Google's Page Rank Tools lists the website as 5/10.

Flight Network: Social Media Presence

Flight Network has a number of social network pages and channels.  Their Facebook page is listed under discount flights and has over 67,000 members.  This page is quite active with Facebook users.  The company's Twitter page has over 2,000 tweets and over 18,000 followers.  The Google Plus page has over 200 followers and has daily posts to the site.  The You Tube channel has had over 13,000 viewers and 13 subscribers.  Besides all this, the company has a travel blog on the industry and about specials on the site.  This can be found here.

Flight Network: Website Security & Safety

Flight Network uses SSL encryption through Verisign to safeguard their transactions.  All purchases are conducted through credit card vendors that have a history of safe and secure transactions.  I could not find any complaints about this company's security online.  The company does not sell any private information of their customers and does not keep any information that a customer does not wish to store.  Customers can purchase by setting up an account or as a guest.  Google's Safe Browsing Tool shows that the site has no problems with detrimental connections.  The company's page can be reached here. This website is hosted on two different servers.

Flight Network: Pricing & Packages

Prices listed on the website are in Canadian dollars. Some flight prices convert to American dollars. The current exchange rate (which changes daily) is one Canadian dollar equals 1.025 American dollars.  So, there is almost a one to one relationship at this point in time.  These prices are in American dollars.

Flight from SFO to Orlando:

  • Flight Network: $490
  • Orbitz:  $444
  • Priceline:  $443.60
  • Kayak:  $444

Flight from Toronto  to New York (JFK)

  • Flight Network:  $326
  • Kayak:  $331
  • Orbiz:  $321
  • Expedia:  329

Flight from Toronto to Dallas:

  • Flight Network:  $321
  • Kayak:  $346
  • Orbiz:  $346
  • Expedia:  $344

Flight Network's pricing is very reasonable and with their price guarantee a customer may save even more money.

Flight Network: Shipping Rates & Policies

At this point, most of the tickets sold by Flight Network are now issued as etickets.  These arrive in the purchasers email within 48 hours of purchase.  If tickets needs to be mailed, such as for a cruise or airline, these tickets are sent by Fed Ex to the customer after their address is confirmed by the travel agent.  The company does ship internatioanlly using Fed Ex.  There is an extra charge for shipments outside of Canada and the 48 continuous states.

Flight Network: Payment Methods Accepted

Flight Network only accepts four credit cards for payment.  These cards are Visa, Mastercharge, Discover and American Express.  This company runs on Canadian currency, so the amount will be converted to Canadian dollars from other currency by the credit card company.  This could add extra charges.  A customer should consult with their credit card company before booking a ticket to make sure of their policy about this.  Costs shown on the company's website are in Canadian dollars.  Sometimes, prices also convert to American dollars.

Flight Network: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Flight Network does not offer refunds or changes to international tickets.  This may not include seat numbers.  For other tickets, these can usually be changed or modified before the day of travel within some restrictions.  Some tickets cannot be refunded because the source where they are bought will not do refunds.  Usually tickets can be exchanged for other travel with advance notice.  For an emergency, the company's travel agent will try their best to accommodate their customers.  This is a problem when purchasing low cost tickets.

Flight Network: Product images & screenshots
Flight Network Coupons
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Sounds like a great company, Teresa... thanks for the great review!

DO NOT utilize this service. Once you've purchased your ticket you are pretty much stuck unless you pay nearly $100 for "insurance".I tried to difference my flight with them and they quoted me over $750 for the equal flight was that was being sold on line through both them and the airline for $329. The service representative couldn't even accurately explain to me why they were wanting to charge me over double of what the flight rate (the $700 was also including the deduction of $200 I already paid for the preceding flight). He straightforwardly kept saying "this is what the airline requests" - but after speaking with Westjet, this was not their policy, it was only via Flight Network. I have not had a slight disorder while implementing http://www.theholidayhotels.com; it is much flexible.

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